The Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) is an initiative at GIFT University to foster the entrepreneurial mindset and providing practical business experience to students starting from undergraduate. The CSE has established an incubation center called GROW. Through the GROW Incubation Center (GIC), students engage in real-life entrepreneurial ventures during their study on campus.

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CSE-CEL Information Session

Mr. Asim Ilyas, Director CSE, conducted an enlightening session regarding the importance and role of Center for social Entrepreneurship at campus. His impassioned talk highlighted the crucial role of entrepreneurship...

On-campus Selling Orientation Week

In a spectacular showcase of talent and innovation, the campus transformed into an entrepreneurial heaven during the much-anticipated Orientation Week! Students from diverse groups set up stalls, transforming the campus...

Session on Tax Regulations by Miss. Yasmeen

Campus played host to an enlightening session featuring the distinguished tax consultant, Miss Yasmeen, who brought her wealth of expertise to the forefront. The session buzzed with energy as students...


Mr. Asim Ilyas
Director CSE

Dr. Sobia Bano
Director CEL

Dr. Umer Mukhtar
CSE Faculty & Advisor